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April 2017

"Ride to Coachella"

Madmavenstyle x Skedaddle

Photo: @champagneunicorns

Skedaddle: @letskedaddle


Before I re-cap all of my exciting Coachella adventures, i’d like to start with the opening of my Coachella weekend, My Ride to Coachella. I teamed up with this new amazing bus company called “Skedaddle”. They picked me up in LA at the end of my street and took me to The ACE Hotel where I was staying in Palm Springs. Basically you sign up and create your route on their website of where you want to go, usually if it’s something thats already an event like Coachella, it will be pre listed on the site. So you choose your location and destination like normal, and it creates a personal route for you to get to where you’re going! it’s so cool! and SO inexpensive. The bus that picked me up early Friday morning was a personal mini bus with about 5 rows of seating. I walked on, there was a VERY friendly driver and there was already Coachella music playing on the bus! Which made me very excited to get to where I was going. I said hello to the other 7 passengers on this particular ride and walked to the back where I had an entire long seat to myself! I couldn’t believe it! I was able to lay down and rest the whole ride! The entire bus had tinted windows that stretched along  both sides, so you can imagine the desert view was just stunning. The ride was quick, safe, clean and so fun and relaxing at the same time! I would DEFINITELY get a group together next year to take Skedaddle to Coachella. My only real complaint was that the website be a little more user friendly. Some things weren’t as clear or obvious to me as a new user, but I guess thats something they can work on and fix. Also some of the email reminders were a little confusing as to where they were actually going to be picking me up, but the staff was so helpful and so kind, so the difficult part wasn’t very difficult for long. I look forward to working with Skedaddle again in the future! Maybe my next road trip to some remote cool shoot location… the possibilities are endless.Thanks Skedaddle!