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Hair care is something that is EXTREMELY important when heading to the desert for a music festival. There are so many conditions you have to consider… First: Heat!!! We all know that heat of any kind isn’t good for your hair, whether it be hot water, blow drying, ironing, but what people never really think about is the SUN! The sun is so damaging to your hair. Thats why I was so excited to find that Pantene had created a FESTIVAL HAIR KIT that included all of the necessities for maintaining all of those amazing festival hair styles while maintaining the health of your hair at the same time. Allow me to introduce you to all of these products and the magic they have done on my hair pre/during festival and post festival.


Dry Shampoo: If you’re anything like me, especially with rocking these bangs on a hot day my hair instantly gets oily and unmanageable while out in the scorching desert heat. Then when you add a bunch of dancing and running around, the sweat really does a number on me. This Pantene Dry Shampoo instantly refreshes my hair just as well as when I wash it! Pantene Dry Shampoo has helped me to not have to wash and restyle my hair for 2 to 3 days. Plus! what a lot of people with oily hair don’t realize is that washing your hair frequently actually makes your hair MORE oily! Can you imagine that!? The less you wash your hair, the more amount of time you’ll get between washes before it becomes oily again. When you wash your hair everyday you’re actually stripping your hair of its natural oils that help protect your hair and scalp which then causes your scalp to over produce oil to make up for what is missing and just like that! You have oily hair! I know from experience. This is where Dry Shampoo saved my life. Pantene Dry Shampoo will keep you refreshed while also helping to train you and your hair to not wash as often. You will save SO much time especially when you’re on the go during a festival.

On-The-Go Frizz Iron: If you’ve been following me for a while then you would know how many times I’ve changed my hair color from light, to dark, to red, to light again, then finally to dark again. Doing this DEFINITELY breaks and damages your hair which for me unfortunately means a lot of fly aways and frizziness. This Pantene On -The - Go Frizz Iron is a smoothing balm applicator that tames and smooths your hair without adding heat or water! Talk about a perfect on- the- go product! I personally love to use this product once I’ve styled my hair for the day and need to smooth out the top of my hair where the breakage from bleaching is. Usually I have to put MORE heat with a flat iron to smooth those out which in turn only damages it more. I am SO thankful for this product and so is my hair.

Pantene Airspray: This stuff is like the icing on the cake! This wonderful Pantene Airspray (Hairspray) is alcohol - free which is one of the main ingredients in most hair products that will actually dry out your hair which then will then cause breakage. I love that this spray is alcohol- free. I love this product personally because after I curl my hair, it usually looks super stringy at the ends, so what I’ve been doing is once I’m done curling my hair, I spray the Pantene Airspray and then after I brush out the ends. This method makes the curls look full and it also helps the curls keep their shape throughout the day. Another thing that most other hairsprays will do is make your hair feel crunchy and dry. This Airspray is a fine mist that is a level 3 hold which gives you a brush-able, flexible hold. A super cool thing about this product is that it helps lock out moisture from your hair! So all of that sweat from dancing in the heat while listening to your favorite band I was talking about earlier, it basically helps block that from getting to your hair which also adds shine and long lasting frizz control.


Okay! So festival time is over, which is very sad, but you have a KILLER base tan for the beginning of summer and you’re on a complete serotonin high from listening to amazing music and dancing with friends in the sunshine for 3 days… now it’s time to really care for your hair. These products i’m about to show you are a quick way to bounce your heat damaged, sweat drenched and product filled hair from the weekend back to life again.

Intense Rescue Shots: This is Pantenes’ first at-home rescue treatment that’s imported from Brazil! Think of this stuff as an immunity shot for your hair. This stuff will noticeably repair the extreme damage to your hair in just one single use! Like an IV for your hair it hydrates and helps work toward repairing your festival damaged hair instantly. I usually use this the first day home from festival when I take that first real long shower after shampooing, on damp hair, I apply the Intense Rescue shots from root to ends and then I let it set for 30 seconds, then rinse with cool water. Man! does your hair feel SO good after.

Nourishing Mask Sachets: These I like to use once every other wash for the next couple of weeks after being back from festival. Basically you can just use these as a refresh boost of hydration to your dry or parched hair. In the shower, after shampooing my hair, I comb the mask through my hair from mid-shaft to ends. I leave it on for 5-7 minutes or longer if I so desire, then rinse it out! Now remember they are VERY rich so they will blast your hair with moisture. Just make sure to use them every so often when your hair feels like it needs a face lift.

In conclusion, I don’t think I can ever go to a festival again without one of these Pantene Festival Hair Kits! In the past I never thought about the health of my hair while at a festival. It’s crazy how much of a difference it makes! I hope this helps you for the rest of your festival filled summers to come!

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