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    A few months ago my fiancé Mark and I moved into a new apartment. FINALLY a fresh start after living for 3 years in what was considerably one of the most unkept properties i’ve ever lived in. Don’t get me wrong… we made this other home extremely cute and chic, but when a building is old it requires regular maintenance and our landlord was NOT into such things. haha. ANYWAY! We moved into this new apartment, and we were SO excited to start decorating our living space. We bought a new deep blue chesterfield couch from “Wayfair”, a mid century modern entertainment center from “Overstock” side note: this site is amazing for furniture!  We also brought our gorgeous industrial coffee table that my fiancé built himself from our previous home its so special to us. Then it was time for the main event of our new living room. “The Wall” this is what ties our entire living room together. We plucked all things eclectic and special and threw it up on our collection wall. WOW! did it really add a lot to the space! We definitely are going with a folk / mid century rustic theme and we LOVE it!

    Then we had to make sure that our living space was full of plants and cacti! Well we found the most AMAZING little boutique Cactus nursery in Highland Park called “Ponderosa Cactus” if you’re ever in the neighborhood please drop by. They have the greatest selection of cacti and house plants, not to mention the shop itself is completely picturesque! You’ll see all of my little gems I found there pictured below.

    Of course NO great cactus or plant can go without a SUPER stylish and chic pot! I found yet another amazing brand called “Design Twins” they are this small business from Sydney that hand paints these super modern and folky vibe pots for plants. Mine happen to be the two largest sizes because, go big or go home am I right?

    Now comes the accent chair. I cannot stress it enough that no living space is complete without a really amazing accent chair! Just find one! Make it a bold color or pattern. We definitely went the route of the bold pattern and WOW! what a beautiful addition! We found our chair at “Living Spaces“.

    Last, but not least… Being that my fiancé is in the bar industry, we HAD to have a suitable place for all of our alcohol and to make cocktails for our guests. For this find we went flea marketing at the Melrose Trading Post. We stumbled upon this woman that repurposes old Spanish furniture, and we fell in love with this giant white hutch. Needless to say, we now have a TON of booze and a beautiful space to showcase it.

    In conclusion, our new apartment is coming along pretty well. I’m so happy with how cozy it is. Definitely try to switch up your living space now and again, you would believe the inspiration and creativity that will come from it. Below I will list all of the stores and places I mentioned in this blog with direct links to their sites/instagrams. I hope you enjoyed reading and exploring my new living space!

xx Mad Maven





Ponderosa Cactus /@ponderosacactus

Design Twins / @designtwins

Living Spaces

Melrose Trading Post

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