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River Island

River Island

River Island goes to the Cactus Garden

Photography by: Nola Fontanez

River Island adventure number 3!!

The Cactus Garden Beverly Hills

Usually when it comes to the color yellow I can be pretty Prickly! (haha! get it!?) but this River Island Yellow Blazer has changed my life and suddenly has me going bananas over yellow!!! On this day I decided to venture around this gorgeous cactus garden in Beverly Hills. So peaceful, and mellow yellow was the perfect theme for this look and location! To shop this amazing blazer click the link below!

River Island

River Island in Beverly Hills

Photography by: Nola Fontanez


On this River Island adventure we went to explore around the Beverly Hills sign. This sign is definitely the staple of Beverly Hills. I must say its quite beautiful here, but more so these fun bright orange River Island pants paired so well with my fun striped blazer that together created the perfect palette of colors ending summer and leading into fall. To shop this look click on the links below.

River Island

River Island goes to LACMA

Photography By: Nola Fontanez

Yellow Pom Earrings By Mad Maven you can “shop” them in my shop section above.


On a bright and sunny Los Angeles day I decided to do as the tourists do and EXPLORE! One of the coolest and underrated spots to visit in LA as a local or a tourist is LACMA. So I dressed in my favorite River Island attire and had some fun shooting while exploring the sights that LACMA has to offer.

First stop: Urban Light

These lanterns are SUCH a fun spot to shoot photos because of their neutral tone and the placement of the poles. It felt very french to me so I put on my yellow beret and River Island jacket to add a nice pop of color, then danced around like I was a parisian girl. For more photos and to shop this look you can click  the links below!


Next Stop: Levitated Mass

This look happened to be one of my favorite spots and looks of the day! Levitated Mass is so amazing, it’s a giant boulder that essentially levitates over a massive open walkway for people to walk underneath. It’s truly magical feeling so small beneath something so massive. For this spot I wore my favorite two piece matching set by River Island. This groovy swirl of pastels mixed with black gives me a super retro and artsy look for a day at the museum. Lets not forget the matching heels!! River Island had the perfect mint colored block heels for this look. For more photos and to shop this look click the links below!