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Mad Maven x Kenra Professional

Okay you guys!

So I just discovered the coolest hair color brand called Kenra Professional hair care and I’m happy to share with you their new line of Iridescent frost shades called “Frost Shine” that offers even tone deposit and a shine you can’t even begin to imagine!

A week ago I walked into Martinez-Samuel salon as a golden platinum blonde and I walked out a perfect platinum/grey tone. Basically I was a silver fox. The amazing thing about this color line is the shades range from a vivid violet blue to aquamarine green and even a frosted blue! Who knew you could have “Frost” in your hair color?! Now, a week into having this color, not only have I received a million compliments on how icy and beautiful my hair color is (thanks to Anastasi Mortensen) but this color lasts! I’ve washed my hair twice and even the tiny bit of fade unfolds an even more beautiful shade of frost and ice. The life span and wear of Kenra Professional hair color is without a doubt one of the best. Especially if you have bleach blonde hair like myself, your hair will suck this color right up!

Below are some photos of my journey to this beautiful icy blonde as well as the two colors we used to create this masterpiece. Enjoy!


Photos By: Nesha Torres



xx Mad Maven

This is the BEFORE color of my hair, Super blonde. Read through to the bottom for final results after using “Frost Shine” by Kenra Professional hair care.

First: we bleach these crazy dark roots of mine! Gotta get the brightest version of ice as possible!

Now: we incubate for a good 30 minutes or so…

Then: we rinse rinse rinse! (The best part) in my opinion.


Time to mix the colors and start creating magic! For my hair color we used 10VBlF extra light blonde/violet blue frost mixed with DF Diamond Frost. Both demi-permanent.

Now we apply, let set for about 30 min or so or the amount of time to eat a salad in my case. 

OKAY! Finally it’s time to dry! Look how magical this hair color already looks!

And VOILA! The final product!