How To Self Portrait

Who else has been feeling restless during this quarantine? I know I have been!! For so long I’ve dreamt of being able to shoot my own portraits and to have those fun editorial style shots without having to rely on a photographer to do it. WELL!! All of this time at home has given me the courage to try my hand at it. My head is always full of visions and colorful ideas that i’m dying to execute, this is one of them. I kept having this familiar image in the back of my mind that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I didn’t know exactly WHAT it was, but I had the vision in my head and KNEW it was inspired somewhere at some point. Later on I realized that I had created a spin on the image of The Girl with the Pearl Earring!! Below is the image I shot of myself followed by the subconscious inspired Painting of The Girl with the Pearl Earring. I used a Neewer ring light, a tripod, my Canon 5D Mark IV Camera and a piece of red tulle fabric. My makeup was created with large pieces of triangular orange glitter and eyelash glue (Side note: The eyelash glue DOES stick really well to your brow hairs, so when removing use vaseline or an oil based remover to get them off). My lipstick is My lipstick line Viva Mad Maven “Circus Circus”. I wanted to leave my eyes relatively bare so I skipped the mascara and added a black eyeshadow winged liner for this look. The styling I wanted to go in the direction of whimsical and colorful so I wore this beautiful floral dress from Needle and Thread London paired with a bright vintage scarf. The haze of red around the edges of the photos was created by draping red tulle fabric around the lens and allowing it to invade my frame ever so slightly. It adds so much to what otherwise would have been a plain white wall. NEVER be afraid to play! Play with different fabrics and objects near your lens for a creative elevation. If you can imagine it, most likely you can create it in some way. I’m so happy with how this turned out!

I linked my Camera, Dress and Ring light within my post above and i’ll link them again below.

Thanks for reading!

xx Mad Maven

Neewer Ring Light

Canon 5D Mark IV

Needle and Thread London Floral Gown

Pantene Nutrient Blends Collection

Self Care x Pantene

sponsored by Pantene

What did a normal day look like in the life of Mad Maven before quarantine you ask? Allow me to paint you a visual. Most days I’d wake up and get dressed to workout for an hour with my trainer. HIIT training and boxing is usually what we do, which means lots of sweating. Now that I’ve been spending more time at home, I’ve adapted to working out at home now.

Other days, I’d have photoshoots where I’d completely produce, style, and model which means LONG hours, so when I’m finally done for the day, it’s ME time. First thing I do when I get home is immediately remove my makeup and take a hot shower. Staying home has given me more time to perfect my self care routine which means thoroughly washing and conditioning my hair.

That is where the Nutrient Blend Collection by Pantene comes in. The Fortifying Damage Repair with Castor Oil Shampoo cleanses, strengthens and protects, while the Castor Oil Conditioner nourishes and restores the shine back to my hair. This collection is sulfate freeparaben free and free of any dyes or mineral oils! That’s right! 0% of any harmful ingredients!!! Castor oil has so many benefits, not only is it rich in vitamin E, but the oil comes from seeds of the Ricinus Communis plant that’s grown in India. It’s not often that I would even have the time to take a FULL shower that includes washing my hair, but when I do… I make sure to treat myself to the best products for my hair. Next, I’ll throw on a face mask, wear my most cozy bath robe, light some candles and cozy up in bed or on the couch. Self care to me, is the art of doing NOTHING, especially after a full day. I’ve always loved how candles have the ability to transform a mood, it’s almost impossible to not feel cozy in a room full of candlelight.

For those non-wash days, the new Pantene Waterless Collection saves my life every time! I have platinum blonde hair, so the Mist Behaving Dry Conditioner Mist really gives my hair a good refresh without drying it out. I use this product as a quick pick me up to bring moisture back to my ends which helps prevent breakage.

Remember it’s okay to SLOW DOWN. I think we’ve all learned a valuable lesson in this crazy time we are currently experiencing. Stop and take a breath, take the time to love yourself and your loved ones. You can grab the Pantene Waterless Collection & the Nutrient BlendsCollection online. Stay Safe out there, but more importantly STAY HOME! Your hair and planet will thank you for it. Sending love and candle light.

xo Mad Maven

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Pantene Waterless Collection

Playing Hooky with Pantene Waterless Collection

#Sponsored by Pantene

How many times do you have days where you wake up, go to the gym, then have enough time to rinse off the sweat from your body throw on your look for the day and run right back out the door for a day FULL of errands? Who has the time to wash, dry and style their hair on days like this? NOT ME! After years of being THAT girl that washed my hair every single day or at least every other day because I had “naturally oily” hair, I can safely say that I can go at least 4 days without washing my hair. NO! this isn’t considered lazy or disgusting, it’s actually GREAT for your hair and honestly your hairstyles look MUCH better after a day or two to settle in! What so many people and mostly younger adults don’t understand is that washing your hair more frequently actually tells your scalp to OVER produce oils in order to compensate for the natural oils you continuously strip from your hair from over washing it. THANK THE HEAVENS ABOVE for brands like Pantene and their new Waterless Collection. These products have saved my life when i’m on the go! Especially on days I have photoshoots. I wake up, go to the gym, come home, rinse off, then have about an hour to get ready for my shoots or meetings! It’s INSANITY! To be honest, I don’t even remember what life was like before dry shampoo wasn’t a thing. Lets just keep those days tucked away in the past where they belong. Let me introduce you to this wicked haircare duo! Meet Cheat Day dry shampoo foam and Mist Behaving dry conditioner mist.

Pantene CHEAT DAY Dry Shampoo Foam:

How to use:

1. Shake the can well and dispense a small amount into your fingertips – NOT directly to your roots.

2. Section your hair and start with a small amount – NOT a whole head amount.

3. Apply to DRY hair at the roots and rub it in. Repeat for each section. 

4. Brush out and style as you like. Your hair may feel a little damp after you apply, but don’t worry, that’s normal. It’s just the foam doing its thing and it dries quickly.

Not only will this help soak up the grease from the roots of your hair, but it will also add volume in all of the right places. I like to lightly brush through my hair after to distribute the product throughout the rest of my hair. Please be careful with getting it on your ends as it might create a bit of a sticky/crunchy texture. If this happens just gently comb out these pieces.

Cheat Day dry shampoo foam isn’t your typical dry shampoo. I like to think of this product as a cleansing cloud that dissolves oil and keeps your hair feeling fresh and clean without having to wash. Another cool thing about the product is that unlike other dry shampoos Cheat Day doesn’t leave a powdery film on your hair. When this happens it leaves your hair looking and feeling dry as well as dulls the color. For someone like me with Platinum blonde hair it’s important that my hair stays as healthy and moisturized as possible.

This formula contains:

  • Pro-Vitamin B5 and Orchid flower water which works to release clumped greasy hair
  • Tapioca fro the cassava root to absorb excess oil from roots and scalp.
  • This foam is free of drying alcohols, sulfates and parabens. Which is SO important to consider when purchasing haircare products.

Pantene MIST BEHAVING Dry Conditioner Mist:

Now lets start Mist Behaving with Pantene Dry Conditioner Mist. After a few days of using dry shampoo your ends COULD begin to look a little dry, thats where Mist Behaving comes into play. This product is like if a leave in conditioner and a styling spray had a cute little baby. This super fine mist helps evenly distribute onto frizzy, tangled OR just plain unruly hair. While Mist Behaving (I love playing the pun game with this) you’ll have 24 hour frizz protection between washes. This product is WONDERFUL for hair that is color treated and can feel or look dry and crunchy at the ends or fine hair that can easily get tangled and kinked. My bleached blonde hair frequently looks a little on the dry side so this is a PERFECT solution to deliver moisture on the go.

How to use:

1. Hold the can 6-8 inches away from your hair for optimal coverage. DON’T hold the can too closely to your hair.

2. Spray from the mid-lengths & downwards on dry hair. DO NOT spray at your roots.

3. Brush through your hair to evenly distribute, tossle, and you’re good to go!

Now it’s time for YOU to show Pantene and myself how YOU #ResetWithoutTheRewet. We want to challenge you to see JUST how long you can go without washing your hair while using Pantene Waterless Collection. Tag @pantene #PanteneWaterless #ResetWithoutTheRewet and show us your on the go refreshed hairstyles! Make sure you pick up the new collection at your local Kroger!

Photos By: Taryn Dudley

Pantene Festival Hair Kit


Hair care is something that is EXTREMELY important when heading to the desert for a music festival. There are so many conditions you have to consider… First: Heat!!! We all know that heat of any kind isn’t good for your hair, whether it be hot water, blow drying, ironing, but what people never really think about is the SUN! The sun is so damaging to your hair. Thats why I was so excited to find that Pantene had created a FESTIVAL HAIR KIT that included all of the necessities for maintaining all of those amazing festival hair styles while maintaining the health of your hair at the same time. Allow me to introduce you to all of these products and the magic they have done on my hair pre/during festival and post festival.


Dry Shampoo: If you’re anything like me, especially with rocking these bangs on a hot day my hair instantly gets oily and unmanageable while out in the scorching desert heat. Then when you add a bunch of dancing and running around, the sweat really does a number on me. This Pantene Dry Shampoo instantly refreshes my hair just as well as when I wash it! Pantene Dry Shampoo has helped me to not have to wash and restyle my hair for 2 to 3 days. Plus! what a lot of people with oily hair don’t realize is that washing your hair frequently actually makes your hair MORE oily! Can you imagine that!? The less you wash your hair, the more amount of time you’ll get between washes before it becomes oily again. When you wash your hair everyday you’re actually stripping your hair of its natural oils that help protect your hair and scalp which then causes your scalp to over produce oil to make up for what is missing and just like that! You have oily hair! I know from experience. This is where Dry Shampoo saved my life. Pantene Dry Shampoo will keep you refreshed while also helping to train you and your hair to not wash as often. You will save SO much time especially when you’re on the go during a festival.

On-The-Go Frizz Iron: If you’ve been following me for a while then you would know how many times I’ve changed my hair color from light, to dark, to red, to light again, then finally to dark again. Doing this DEFINITELY breaks and damages your hair which for me unfortunately means a lot of fly aways and frizziness. This Pantene On -The – Go Frizz Iron is a smoothing balm applicator that tames and smooths your hair without adding heat or water! Talk about a perfect on- the- go product! I personally love to use this product once I’ve styled my hair for the day and need to smooth out the top of my hair where the breakage from bleaching is. Usually I have to put MORE heat with a flat iron to smooth those out which in turn only damages it more. I am SO thankful for this product and so is my hair.

Pantene Airspray: This stuff is like the icing on the cake! This wonderful Pantene Airspray (Hairspray) is alcohol – free which is one of the main ingredients in most hair products that will actually dry out your hair which then will then cause breakage. I love that this spray is alcohol- free. I love this product personally because after I curl my hair, it usually looks super stringy at the ends, so what I’ve been doing is once I’m done curling my hair, I spray the Pantene Airspray and then after I brush out the ends. This method makes the curls look full and it also helps the curls keep their shape throughout the day. Another thing that most other hairsprays will do is make your hair feel crunchy and dry. This Airspray is a fine mist that is a level 3 hold which gives you a brush-able, flexible hold. A super cool thing about this product is that it helps lock out moisture from your hair! So all of that sweat from dancing in the heat while listening to your favorite band I was talking about earlier, it basically helps block that from getting to your hair which also adds shine and long lasting frizz control.


Okay! So festival time is over, which is very sad, but you have a KILLER base tan for the beginning of summer and you’re on a complete serotonin high from listening to amazing music and dancing with friends in the sunshine for 3 days… now it’s time to really care for your hair. These products i’m about to show you are a quick way to bounce your heat damaged, sweat drenched and product filled hair from the weekend back to life again.

Intense Rescue Shots: This is Pantenes’ first at-home rescue treatment that’s imported from Brazil! Think of this stuff as an immunity shot for your hair. This stuff will noticeably repair the extreme damage to your hair in just one single use! Like an IV for your hair it hydrates and helps work toward repairing your festival damaged hair instantly. I usually use this the first day home from festival when I take that first real long shower after shampooing, on damp hair, I apply the Intense Rescue shots from root to ends and then I let it set for 30 seconds, then rinse with cool water. Man! does your hair feel SO good after.

Nourishing Mask Sachets: These I like to use once every other wash for the next couple of weeks after being back from festival. Basically you can just use these as a refresh boost of hydration to your dry or parched hair. In the shower, after shampooing my hair, I comb the mask through my hair from mid-shaft to ends. I leave it on for 5-7 minutes or longer if I so desire, then rinse it out! Now remember they are VERY rich so they will blast your hair with moisture. Just make sure to use them every so often when your hair feels like it needs a face lift.

In conclusion, I don’t think I can ever go to a festival again without one of these Pantene Festival Hair Kits! In the past I never thought about the health of my hair while at a festival. It’s crazy how much of a difference it makes! I hope this helps you for the rest of your festival filled summers to come!

Get your very own Festival Hair Kit delivered conveniently to your doorstep on Amazon!
It’s also available for Prime Shipping!
This content is sponsored by Pantene. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Photography by: @Taryndudleyphoto

River Island

River Island goes to the Cactus Garden

Photography by: Nola Fontanez

River Island adventure number 3!!

The Cactus Garden Beverly Hills

Usually when it comes to the color yellow I can be pretty Prickly! (haha! get it!?) but this River Island Yellow Blazer has changed my life and suddenly has me going bananas over yellow!!! On this day I decided to venture around this gorgeous cactus garden in Beverly Hills. So peaceful, and mellow yellow was the perfect theme for this look and location! To shop this amazing blazer click the link below!

River Island

River Island in Beverly Hills

Photography by: Nola Fontanez


On this River Island adventure we went to explore around the Beverly Hills sign. This sign is definitely the staple of Beverly Hills. I must say its quite beautiful here, but more so these fun bright orange River Island pants paired so well with my fun striped blazer that together created the perfect palette of colors ending summer and leading into fall. To shop this look click on the links below.

River Island

River Island goes to LACMA

Photography By: Nola Fontanez

Yellow Pom Earrings By Mad Maven you can “shop” them in my shop section above.


On a bright and sunny Los Angeles day I decided to do as the tourists do and EXPLORE! One of the coolest and underrated spots to visit in LA as a local or a tourist is LACMA. So I dressed in my favorite River Island attire and had some fun shooting while exploring the sights that LACMA has to offer.

First stop: Urban Light

These lanterns are SUCH a fun spot to shoot photos because of their neutral tone and the placement of the poles. It felt very french to me so I put on my yellow beret and River Island jacket to add a nice pop of color, then danced around like I was a parisian girl. For more photos and to shop this look you can click  the links below!


Next Stop: Levitated Mass

This look happened to be one of my favorite spots and looks of the day! Levitated Mass is so amazing, it’s a giant boulder that essentially levitates over a massive open walkway for people to walk underneath. It’s truly magical feeling so small beneath something so massive. For this spot I wore my favorite two piece matching set by River Island. This groovy swirl of pastels mixed with black gives me a super retro and artsy look for a day at the museum. Lets not forget the matching heels!! River Island had the perfect mint colored block heels for this look. For more photos and to shop this look click the links below!



Express Yourself

Photography by: Jordan Zobrist

Wearing: Express

When you’re lucky enough to stumble upon an entire cactus garden in the middle of LA you take advantage of the situation. It never ceases to amaze me how many hidden gems there are in each place in the world. I mean, i’ve lived in LA for 8 years now and i’m STILL finding new spots to shoot in that i’ve never heard of, or cool new bars or restaurants to eat at. I could only imagine whats waiting for me outside of LA right now. Obviously with traveling and taking so many photos I have to keep up on my style game at all times. Its rough looking super cool and traveling, but somehow i’ve turned it into a fine art. Never be afraid to Express yourself and to live life as the most genuine version of YOU. After all, we are more interesting than anyone we could ever pretend to be. Live. Love. Travel. Inspire. BE Inspired.

::If you love what you see, you can shop these looks at the bottom of this post::

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Home Decor

Home Sweet Home

    A few months ago my fiancé Mark and I moved into a new apartment. FINALLY a fresh start after living for 3 years in what was considerably one of the most unkept properties i’ve ever lived in. Don’t get me wrong… we made this other home extremely cute and chic, but when a building is old it requires regular maintenance and our landlord was NOT into such things. haha. ANYWAY! We moved into this new apartment, and we were SO excited to start decorating our living space. We bought a new deep blue chesterfield couch from “Wayfair”, a mid century modern entertainment center from “Overstock” side note: this site is amazing for furniture!  We also brought our gorgeous industrial coffee table that my fiancé built himself from our previous home its so special to us. Then it was time for the main event of our new living room. “The Wall” this is what ties our entire living room together. We plucked all things eclectic and special and threw it up on our collection wall. WOW! did it really add a lot to the space! We definitely are going with a folk / mid century rustic theme and we LOVE it!

    Then we had to make sure that our living space was full of plants and cacti! Well we found the most AMAZING little boutique Cactus nursery in Highland Park called “Ponderosa Cactus” if you’re ever in the neighborhood please drop by. They have the greatest selection of cacti and house plants, not to mention the shop itself is completely picturesque! You’ll see all of my little gems I found there pictured below.

    Of course NO great cactus or plant can go without a SUPER stylish and chic pot! I found yet another amazing brand called “Design Twins” they are this small business from Sydney that hand paints these super modern and folky vibe pots for plants. Mine happen to be the two largest sizes because, go big or go home am I right?

    Now comes the accent chair. I cannot stress it enough that no living space is complete without a really amazing accent chair! Just find one! Make it a bold color or pattern. We definitely went the route of the bold pattern and WOW! what a beautiful addition! We found our chair at “Living Spaces“.

    Last, but not least… Being that my fiancé is in the bar industry, we HAD to have a suitable place for all of our alcohol and to make cocktails for our guests. For this find we went flea marketing at the Melrose Trading Post. We stumbled upon this woman that repurposes old Spanish furniture, and we fell in love with this giant white hutch. Needless to say, we now have a TON of booze and a beautiful space to showcase it.

    In conclusion, our new apartment is coming along pretty well. I’m so happy with how cozy it is. Definitely try to switch up your living space now and again, you would believe the inspiration and creativity that will come from it. Below I will list all of the stores and places I mentioned in this blog with direct links to their sites/instagrams. I hope you enjoyed reading and exploring my new living space!

xx Mad Maven





Ponderosa Cactus /@ponderosacactus

Design Twins / @designtwins

Living Spaces

Melrose Trading Post


Mad Maven x Kenra Professional

Okay you guys!

So I just discovered the coolest hair color brand called Kenra Professional hair care and I’m happy to share with you their new line of Iridescent frost shades called “Frost Shine” that offers even tone deposit and a shine you can’t even begin to imagine!

A week ago I walked into Martinez-Samuel salon as a golden platinum blonde and I walked out a perfect platinum/grey tone. Basically I was a silver fox. The amazing thing about this color line is the shades range from a vivid violet blue to aquamarine green and even a frosted blue! Who knew you could have “Frost” in your hair color?! Now, a week into having this color, not only have I received a million compliments on how icy and beautiful my hair color is (thanks to Anastasi Mortensen) but this color lasts! I’ve washed my hair twice and even the tiny bit of fade unfolds an even more beautiful shade of frost and ice. The life span and wear of Kenra Professional hair color is without a doubt one of the best. Especially if you have bleach blonde hair like myself, your hair will suck this color right up!

Below are some photos of my journey to this beautiful icy blonde as well as the two colors we used to create this masterpiece. Enjoy!


Photos By: Nesha Torres



xx Mad Maven

This is the BEFORE color of my hair, Super blonde. Read through to the bottom for final results after using “Frost Shine” by Kenra Professional hair care.

First: we bleach these crazy dark roots of mine! Gotta get the brightest version of ice as possible!

Now: we incubate for a good 30 minutes or so…

Then: we rinse rinse rinse! (The best part) in my opinion.


Time to mix the colors and start creating magic! For my hair color we used 10VBlF extra light blonde/violet blue frost mixed with DF Diamond Frost. Both demi-permanent.

Now we apply, let set for about 30 min or so or the amount of time to eat a salad in my case. 

OKAY! Finally it’s time to dry! Look how magical this hair color already looks!

And VOILA! The final product!