Rumba Time

Mad Maven x Rumba Time x Tenoverten

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of host 12 of my favorite ladies to a day full of pampering and treats. Rumba Time was kind enough to treat us all to a manicure and pedicure as well as an amazing day with good people, sweet treats, wine, and best of all these beautiful new Rumba Time collection of watches and sunnies. The nail salon was Tenoverten at Platform in Culver City. This super cute boutique nail salon uses all non toxic polishes and products to assure a chemical free experience. Needless to say we were all in heaven! Unfortunately due to me hosting this event as well as getting my nails done I wasn’t able to take as many photos as I had planned, but here are a few below to showcase some of the product. I also pulled a few photos offline to show you just how cute Tenoverten is as well. Again a Huge thank you to Rumba Time and Tenoverten for having us and to all the ladies that put aside their crazy blogger schedules to come be there with me. SO MUCH FUN! I can’t wait until the next one!


xx Mad Maven


Rumba Time IG: @Rumbatime

Tenoverten IG: @Tenoverten


"Ride to Coachella"

Madmavenstyle x Skedaddle

Photo: @champagneunicorns

Skedaddle: @letskedaddle


Before I re-cap all of my exciting Coachella adventures, i’d like to start with the opening of my Coachella weekend, My Ride to Coachella. I teamed up with this new amazing bus company called “Skedaddle”. They picked me up in LA at the end of my street and took me to The ACE Hotel where I was staying in Palm Springs. Basically you sign up and create your route on their website of where you want to go, usually if it’s something thats already an event like Coachella, it will be pre listed on the site. So you choose your location and destination like normal, and it creates a personal route for you to get to where you’re going! it’s so cool! and SO inexpensive. The bus that picked me up early Friday morning was a personal mini bus with about 5 rows of seating. I walked on, there was a VERY friendly driver and there was already Coachella music playing on the bus! Which made me very excited to get to where I was going. I said hello to the other 7 passengers on this particular ride and walked to the back where I had an entire long seat to myself! I couldn’t believe it! I was able to lay down and rest the whole ride! The entire bus had tinted windows that stretched along  both sides, so you can imagine the desert view was just stunning. The ride was quick, safe, clean and so fun and relaxing at the same time! I would DEFINITELY get a group together next year to take Skedaddle to Coachella. My only real complaint was that the website be a little more user friendly. Some things weren’t as clear or obvious to me as a new user, but I guess thats something they can work on and fix. Also some of the email reminders were a little confusing as to where they were actually going to be picking me up, but the staff was so helpful and so kind, so the difficult part wasn’t very difficult for long. I look forward to working with Skedaddle again in the future! Maybe my next road trip to some remote cool shoot location… the possibilities are endless.Thanks Skedaddle!


Somedays Lovin'


Photographer: Champagne Cochran

Hair color by: Anastasi Mortensen at Martinez-Samuel Salon

Recently I had the pleasure of shooting some amazing gloomy beach day photos with Champagne in this super cute blushy salmon toned bikini from Somedays Lovin’, and can I just say i’m OBSESSED! Not only is this bikini completely flattering on the body, but it’s so comfy! I love a good high waisted bikini bottom, especially with a high cut hip line. It definitely helps elongate the legs if you’re a curvy woman like myself. Also this beautiful floral maxi cover up tied everything in just perfectly. What a beautiful day to shoot at the beach, even if the sun wasn’t present.




ARRIVE Palm Springs

ARRIVE Palm Springs x MDMVN

Recently I was fortunate enough to visit a new and hip little hideaway in Palm Springs with my three lady friends, it’s called “ARRIVE” and they just opened in February of 2016. Apart from the amazing location tucked away near the vast mountains of the desert, ARRIVE has all of the essentials a resort could ever need for  customers to enjoy their stay without ever stepping foot outside the hotel.

Lets talk about the entrance, when you check in, you walk into what seems to be just the hotel bar, only to be greeted with a smile from the staff at the counter. Woah! the lobby IS the bar! not too shabby, check in, grab a cocktail and head on to your room. The room I stayed in was full of natural light, style and comfort. The interior was a southwest folk meets modern feel, there is free wifi, apple tv, direct tv and just about every single thing you could use to entertain yourself. The shower is a magical wet room with a rain shower head above. The king size bed was far more comfortable than I could have ever imagined.

What to do at ARRIVE. During the day what else would we want to do in Palm Springs on a warm desert day? Lay out at the pool of course!!! This (heated) pool is ALWAYS open to the public, which makes ARRIVE extremely friendly and welcoming to most anyone. The pool is a very large pool with sun bathing beds surrounding it. There are cabanas on a first come, first serve basis for free, for those who prefer less sun. They have bicycles on hand if you’re more the adventurous/active type, theres a section with bocce ball and ping pong tables as well. The pool side bar has cocktail service as well as food from “Reservoir” their in-house restaurant. The food is unbelievable! They have everything from tacos, to burgers, to hot chocolate! We ate there just about every meal of the day, and the kitchen stays open until 2AM! So after a fun night out in Palm Springs we came back, ordered some late night snacks and hopped in the hot tub.

Next morning. Wake up, and feel free to pop over to “Customs Coffee” ARRIVES in-house coffee shop! Where they serve organic coffee roasted by the local “Joshua Tree Coffee Company”. After taking a morning dip in the pool, enjoy breakfast at Reservoir! Aside from the rustic and beautiful decor, there are some MUST try items. The “Fried Chicken & Churros” “Acai Bowl” and the “Smothered Burrito”. Definitely pair those with a few mimosas and bloody mary’s of course!

Hanging by the pool and around the hotel was definitely SO much fun! ARRIVE offers giant gold blow up heart pool toys, (outside blowup pool toys are welcome!) Last but not least the “Ice Cream & Shop(pe)” also attached to ARRIVE they have several unique and classic flavors of ice cream to choose from along with every fancy ice cream topping you could imagine. Also found inside Ice Cream & Shop(pe) is a little gift shop with a bunch of quirky fun objects to purchase, I spent about 45 minutes just playing with all of the fun stuff.

Overall i’d rate ARRIVE the best new hip spot to hang in Palm Springs not only in the summer, but definitely in the fall/winter time. Follow ARRIVE on IG @arrivepalmsprings and stay tuned for some summer fun as they will be throwing some pretty rad events soon. Thanks ARRIVE! I can’t wait to come back.































First off, I’d like to say Happy Thanksgiving! November being my birthday month has always held a special place in my heart, and with that does Autumn. The colors changing in the trees, bright oranges, deep reds, and chartreuse yellow leaves with beautiful hints of brown weaved in between… the deep greens of holidays beginning to shine through. This inspired me to do a very warm and autumn toned theme to this editorial. This shoot is special to me, as I produced, styled, conceptualized and cried so many tears for this shoot. (this job gets stressful) haha, but also it’s special to me because it is the debut of my first real hat design collaboration with genius The Wise Hatter (Brandon Wise). Below is an array of colors, clothing, feels, and pilgrim like fashions, please take it all in and enjoy my little bit of autumn.


However you celebrate this season, make sure it’s with the people you love, give to those less fortunate, and tell a stranger hello, it really can make a persons holiday warmer. All looks can be shopped at the widgets below.


Photography: Stephen Paul Stocker

Hair Color: Anastasi Mortensen

Hair Cut: Kait Marie

Model: Nikia Provenzano (Madmavenstyle)

Clothing: Alice + Olivia, Scotch & Soda, The Wise Hatter.



img_0811img_0804img_0805img_0806img_1567img_0796-2 img_0798-2 img_0799img_1549-2 img_1500-2 img_1501-2 img_1503-2img_1502-2


Freepeople Showroom x MDMVN

I recently had the pleasure of shooting with such an incredible team for @freepeopleshowroom / @freepeople. @Champagneunicorns was the photographer, and @awildatheart did the styling. We also had amazing hats provided by @thewisehatter and @gladys_tamez_millinery. I hope you like the photos!  All of these looks can be shopped below.























Swirl x Lovestrength

Madmavenstyle x Swirl Boutique x Love Strength

A week ago I had the pleasure of shooting for Swirl Boutique and Lovestrength. It was a very rainy day in San Diego, so we had to find another means of location. We ended up playing in the rain and shooting at the gorgeous Rancho Valencia Resort. Needless to say, the shoot turned out quite well despite natures plans for us. When life hands you rain, dance in it. Links to clothing listed below.

Photos by: Michelle Mel Photography

Beauty by: Alma Mae Lott




Processed with Snapseed.







img_0045-2img_9974-3 img_9980






All Lipstick:  Limecrime Velvetines

Look 1:

Top: Novella Royale “The Ryan”

Bottoms: Novella Royale “The Iris” bells

Belt: Lovestrength “Scarlet Belt”

Shoes: Matisse “Camilia Suede Boot”

Look 2:

Dress: Cleobella “Paris Dress” white

Belt: Lovestrength “Phoenix Belt” leopard

Shoes: Matisse “Mack” boot

Earrings: Erin Fader Jewelry

Look 3:

Kimono: Auguste the Label

Belt: Lovestrength “Roxy Belt”

Body Suit: Blue Life “Dancing Days Bodysuit” 

Jewelry: Erin Fader Jewelry

Look 4: 

Jumpsuit: Flynn Skye “Memphis Mini Dress”

Belt: Lovestrength

Boots: Dolce Vita “Neely Boots”

Hat:  The Wise Hatter 

Jewelry: Erin Fader Jewelry

Look 5:

Skirt: Flynn Skye “Humbolt Maxi Skirt”

Top: Flynn Skye “Athens Top”

Hat: Nena & Co. “Espanola Hat” 

Belt: Lovestrenth 

Choker: Foxy Cat

Shoes: Matisse “Harvey Leather Embossed Boots”

Look 6:

Top: Chaser Brand “Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers”

Jacket: Cleobella “Everyly Fringe Jacket”

Skirt: Flynn Skye “Humbolt Maxi Skirt”

Belt: Lovestrength “Hayden Belt”

Shoes: Matisse “Bloke Mules”



Photo @emilynnrose

Featuring Wildfox Wild Daisy Dress

Where to begin with Wildfox. I love this brand, they are unique, comfortable, affordable, well made, and overall SO CUTE! I couldn’t pass up this dress, It is the perfect mix of summer, comfort, and bohemian flow. I highly recommend it for your summer wardrobe. Click photos below for links to purchase this dress. Hurry while they’re still available! Stay tuned for more collaborations with Madmavenstyle x Wildfox!

xx Madmaven


IMG_6516IMG_6484   IMG_6518 IMG_6519IMG_6485