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Playing Hooky with Pantene Waterless Collection

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How many times do you have days where you wake up, go to the gym, then have enough time to rinse off the sweat from your body throw on your look for the day and run right back out the door for a day FULL of errands? Who has the time to wash, dry and style their hair on days like this? NOT ME! After years of being THAT girl that washed my hair every single day or at least every other day because I had “naturally oily” hair, I can safely say that I can go at least 4 days without washing my hair. NO! this isn’t considered lazy or disgusting, it’s actually GREAT for your hair and honestly your hairstyles look MUCH better after a day or two to settle in! What so many people and mostly younger adults don’t understand is that washing your hair more frequently actually tells your scalp to OVER produce oils in order to compensate for the natural oils you continuously strip from your hair from over washing it. THANK THE HEAVENS ABOVE for brands like Pantene and their new Waterless Collection. These products have saved my life when i’m on the go! Especially on days I have photoshoots. I wake up, go to the gym, come home, rinse off, then have about an hour to get ready for my shoots or meetings! It’s INSANITY! To be honest, I don’t even remember what life was like before dry shampoo wasn’t a thing. Lets just keep those days tucked away in the past where they belong. Let me introduce you to this wicked haircare duo! Meet Cheat Day dry shampoo foam and Mist Behaving dry conditioner mist.

Pantene CHEAT DAY Dry Shampoo Foam:

How to use:

1. Shake the can well and dispense a small amount into your fingertips – NOT directly to your roots.

2. Section your hair and start with a small amount – NOT a whole head amount.

3. Apply to DRY hair at the roots and rub it in. Repeat for each section. 

4. Brush out and style as you like. Your hair may feel a little damp after you apply, but don’t worry, that’s normal. It’s just the foam doing its thing and it dries quickly.

Not only will this help soak up the grease from the roots of your hair, but it will also add volume in all of the right places. I like to lightly brush through my hair after to distribute the product throughout the rest of my hair. Please be careful with getting it on your ends as it might create a bit of a sticky/crunchy texture. If this happens just gently comb out these pieces.

Cheat Day dry shampoo foam isn’t your typical dry shampoo. I like to think of this product as a cleansing cloud that dissolves oil and keeps your hair feeling fresh and clean without having to wash. Another cool thing about the product is that unlike other dry shampoos Cheat Day doesn’t leave a powdery film on your hair. When this happens it leaves your hair looking and feeling dry as well as dulls the color. For someone like me with Platinum blonde hair it’s important that my hair stays as healthy and moisturized as possible.

This formula contains:

  • Pro-Vitamin B5 and Orchid flower water which works to release clumped greasy hair
  • Tapioca fro the cassava root to absorb excess oil from roots and scalp.
  • This foam is free of drying alcohols, sulfates and parabens. Which is SO important to consider when purchasing haircare products.

Pantene MIST BEHAVING Dry Conditioner Mist:

Now lets start Mist Behaving with Pantene Dry Conditioner Mist. After a few days of using dry shampoo your ends COULD begin to look a little dry, thats where Mist Behaving comes into play. This product is like if a leave in conditioner and a styling spray had a cute little baby. This super fine mist helps evenly distribute onto frizzy, tangled OR just plain unruly hair. While Mist Behaving (I love playing the pun game with this) you’ll have 24 hour frizz protection between washes. This product is WONDERFUL for hair that is color treated and can feel or look dry and crunchy at the ends or fine hair that can easily get tangled and kinked. My bleached blonde hair frequently looks a little on the dry side so this is a PERFECT solution to deliver moisture on the go.

How to use:

1. Hold the can 6-8 inches away from your hair for optimal coverage. DON’T hold the can too closely to your hair.

2. Spray from the mid-lengths & downwards on dry hair. DO NOT spray at your roots.

3. Brush through your hair to evenly distribute, tossle, and you’re good to go!

Now it’s time for YOU to show Pantene and myself how YOU #ResetWithoutTheRewet. We want to challenge you to see JUST how long you can go without washing your hair while using Pantene Waterless Collection. Tag @pantene #PanteneWaterless #ResetWithoutTheRewet and show us your on the go refreshed hairstyles! Make sure you pick up the new collection at your local Kroger!

Photos By: Taryn Dudley

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